My Mission

Hello everyone. I’m Nozomi, an immigration lawyer in Okayama, Japan. Let me tell you the starting point of my career as an immigration lawyer. I’d been an English teacher more than 16 years. I enjoyed it very much but I began to get more interests about the management rather than only teaching.

Then I got a new job as a manager which runs cram schools. I found it worth doing especially when the customers were pleased with our services.

However I recognized there were some gaps between my thought and company’s about the management policies. Then I started to think about running my own business. I wondered what kind of job could make use of my experience, finally I got to an immigration lawyer.

This matched me perfectly. There is still language barrier when we live in a foreign country. I can understand how difficult to communicate with local people when we talk about something specialized matters because I used to live in Toronto, Canada for a year. It’s easier to get any information because number of people using social medias increased these days compared to when it used to be. However much information sometimes makes us confused. We don’t know what is the right information among them.

Therefore, to ask a professional to the specialized matters is a right decision. I’ll give you the right information with the most of my skills and knowledge. I believe that is the way of my contribution to society.