What is a “Dependent” visa?

Hi, everyone. I’m Nozomi, an immigration lawyer in japan.
Today, I’m going to tell you what the “Dependent” visa is.

Activities that apply to family stay include spouses who are supported by foreigners who live in Japan with having qualifications other than “Diplomatic”, “Official”, “Technical Intern”, “Temporary visitor”, “Dependent” and “Designated Activities”. It is a daily activity performed as a person or child.

What is the meaning of receiving support?

It means they need to receive it or they are receiving it right now.
As for the spouse, in principle, it refers to depend on the dependents’ economics, assuming that they live together. When it comes to children, it refers to the state of being brought up by a dependent.
Therefore, it does not include spouses or children who are economically independent.
As a general rule, in the current examination, if the child is 18 years of age or older, he / she will be instructed to apply for a status of residence “College Student”.

Required Documents

  1. A document that proves the relationship between the applicant and the dependent in one of the following ways:
    • Family register
    • Marriage acceptance certificate
    • Marriage certificate(copy)
    • Birth certificate(copy)
  2. Documents certifying the dependent’s occupation and income
    • When the dependent is operating an activity that earns income
      1. Copy of employment certificate or business license (certificate that identifies the occupation of the dependent)
      2. Resident tax (or tax exemption) certificate and tax payment certificate (recording total income and tax payment status for one year)
  3. When the dependent is carrying out activities other than No. 2
    1. Certificate of deposit balance in the name of the dependent or benefit amount and scholarship benefit statement clearly indicating the payment period
    2. Evidence that the applicant’s expenses can be paid in accordance with the preceding sentence.


If you bring a family member who has a status of residence of “College Student” with “Dependent”, the dependents’ability to support will be fully examined.
Regarding the examination of dependent ability, in practice, the necessary amount is based on the welfare benefits of the household in the dependent’s residence.
Unless there is a particular problem with the status of the dependents’ residence, it is sufficient to have enough to cover the living expenses for the first year of entry.

Thank you for reading till the end. I’ll see you soon.