The case of hoping to extend “Short-stay”

Hi, everyone. I’m Nozomi, an immigration lawyer in japan.
Today, I’m going to tell you the case of hoping to extend your “short-stay” in Japan.

As a general rule, the period of stay for short stays cannot be changed.
However, renewal is permitted only when there are unavoidable circumstances or special circumstances due to humanity.

[Specific permission examples]

  • Indigestion for visiting Japan due to poor physical condition
  • When handling traffic (death) accidents (claims for insurance, etc.)
  • When a mother takes care of her daughter who immediately after gave a birth
  • Actually, there are several renewal permission cases that are not circumstances due to humanity.

    [Documents necessary for procedure]

    (It would be different depends on the reason for renewal)

  • Passport
  • Application for renewal of status of residence
  • Reason book explaining the need for renewal
  • Documents certifying activities from the time of arrival to the present (reason book, photographs, medical certificates, etc.)
  • Documents certifying that there is a staying fee (guarantor’s deposit balance certificate, etc.)
  • Return flight ticketIn some cases, additional documentation may be required.

    Thank you for reading till the end. I’ll see you soon.