When income tax and resident tax are not taxed

Hi, everyone. I’m Nozomi, an immigration lawyer in japan.
Today, I’ll tell you another example to obtain permanent residence.

【Concrete Example】

Indian man living in Japan works in an Indian restaurant. He lives in a family of four, his wife, son and daughter. The parents who live in his home country are declared as dependents. He sends money to his parents twice a year. Since there are five dependents, both income tax and resident tax have been exempt for the last five years. In other words, he does not pay any taxes based on income. In this situation, is it permitted if four families make a permanent residence application?

In this case, he has been working at the same restaurant for the last 10 years, and the income is about the same level every year, around 4.5 million yen.
Even if has 5 dependents, he has enough income to live,
If his income doesn’t change that much, he must prove that he has a workplace where he can earn income stably and continuously.

Next time, I’ll tell you the solution about this case.
I’ll see you soon.