Return and re-entry after overstay

If an overstay person wants to return to Japan, he / she must appear at the Immigration Bureau voluntarily. If you voluntarily appear in immigration before being caught by the police or immigration, you are unlikely to be prosecuted.

Those who meet the following conditions can return to Japan by the “Exit Order System”.
• Only eligible for overstayers
• Only those who appear voluntarily
• Only those who are willing to leave
• Not being imprisoned or imprisoned for certain crimes
• Prompt departure from Japan is expected (specifically, passport and air ticket or return fee are available).
• You have not been forced to leave or have been issued a departure order in the past.

When these conditions are met, the departure deadline is set within 15 days and an departure order is issued. The landing refusal period after departure is one year.

Occasionally, you may have forgotten cases where you have forgotten the procedure for renewing your residence card and have overstayed. In this case, it is important to notify the immigration as soon as possible. If you are caught by the police or immigration staff while hesitating to appear voluntarily in immigration, depending on the period of overstay, you will be forced to leave and the landing refusal period (re-entry prohibition period) will also be 5 years It will be long.

Next time, I would like to explain in detail the case where immigration is detected and forced to move out.